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When hardware and software become one

Wellengang is a leading German manufacturer of top-quality fitness and rehabilitation equipment. By integrating state-of-the-art hardware and revolutionary software, the experience of vibration training is greatly enhanced.

Our App offers effortless access to a wide variety of training programs, takes care of monitoring user actions, and makes sure that each training session is a step towards success.
Experience more of what Hardware Integrated Apps have to offer:



Info on T-Systems employees, all the important expos, industry events, and internal functions for the year, together with employee feedback - all in one place. Organizing training and sales plans could never be easier!

In close cooperation with T-System and the event agency Roth & Lorenz, we have brought to life a web application which brings together the things that need to be brought together.


Gentlemen, start
your engines

Members of the CenturionCarClub have it easy:
They get to reserve the most exclusive sports and luxury cars and the best premium service with a single tap on their screens.

But actually getting into the club is a bit more complicated. This five-language app of the most exclusive automobile club in the world is made available only to a maximum of 500 persons worldwide.


Way up top this
time around

Today's safe and economical air transport is made possible by a network of satellites. This video produced for Thales Alenia Space Germany and brought to you by Feil, Feil & Feil will fill you on how it all works.

Learn more about the Thales Group’s international hive of innovation:


What was all
that fuss about?

In search for answers to questions about the current economic climate and the recent innovations of the Creativity Industry, Peer Steinbrück decided to visit us at Feil, Feil & Feil.

Wondering what ancient American war ships have to do with Feil, Feil & Feil’s service portfolio? Just ask, LKZ and Bietigheimer Zeitung, just to name a few. But first, how do we get rid of the mess left behind?!


Little ones
up front

In order to see everyone in the picture more clearly, we are bringing the (rather) smaller commercial vehicles of Mercedes-Benz up front today. Feil, Feil & Feil, together with Mercedes-Benz Vans, has developed an attractive catalog of the Transporter series.

By the way, you know that awesome digital presentation for the new SPRINTER that was done for the fleet managers in Düsseldorf? Yep, that was us!


Mission accomplished

Berlin startup Safeaddress and Feil, Feil & Feil are now dancing cheek to cheek. Safeadress is your personal data security provider, with which you can decide who exactly access and/or download which of your files.

Thanks to Safeadress, you won’t be left in the buff. So get crackin’:


We love

That’s one thing that we and our Swiss client have in common. Leica Geosystems makes the best laser precision measurement devices money can buy, while Feil, Feil & Feil makes the most synchronized mobile apps the mind can conceive.

Precision from Switzerland. Innovative software development from Ludwigsburg. Success the world over.

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So, we’ve moved. And we’re damned proud of our new office in the Ludwigsburg Film and Media Center. “Königsallee“ is the place to be.

The most useful thing in our new office − apart from all the brand new IKEA desks and shelves? Our legendary Bundesliga fussball table!


First class

Staud − offering bedroom furniture made in Germany for the past 361 years. For about 1/72ths of Staud's impressive lifespan Feil, Feil & Feil has been concerning itself with making print and online presentations that do its heritage justice.




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